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Forget work-life balance, "flex-life", or any other personal development/time management advice you've heard that only works for so long. This is your life, always doing certain things for a specific result. This is just a moniker for it. A tri-balanced life incorporates all in a certain capacity.

Learn: (passive and active acquisition of skills, the classic trivium)

  • formal and informal education
  • workplace training
  • reading
  • watching T.V programs and documentaries
  • taking classes (online, community education)
  • writing
  • changing/upgrading your beliefs and habits
  • collaboration
  • leaving your comfort zone

Work: (entering the work force, contributing to a cause, building a career, retirement)
  • working a job/jobs for money
  • working up the ladder to your dream job
  • selling/marketing yourself
  • starting/running a business
  • freelancing
  • working for free or non-profit
  • internships and apprentice
  • professional organizations
  • networking

Play: (fun and blowing off steam. Alcohol and after-embarrassment permitted.)
  • "goofing off"
  •  traveling
  •  recreation and hobbies
  •  parties (alcohol included.)
  •  relaxation
  • "passion-projects"

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